Vidgo top 10 shows to binge watch: HIMYM

How I met Your Mother is Great TV

Binge Watch – How I Met Your Mother

The weekend is a great time to turn on the TV and watch your favorite shows. If you haven’t watched it yet, you may want to consider How I Met Your Mother. It’s an American sitcom that was first aired in September 19, 2005 on CBS. The main character, Ted Mosby, recounts to his son and daughter the events that led him to meet their mother.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are the top reasons why the people are hooked on the show and why you should start to binge watch it during weekends:

  • Right amount of comedy

Many sitcoms are popular because of the hilarious humor they are able to deliver. However, there are those that also receive a lot of criticism because the kind of humor being presented goes against family values. With How I Met Your Mother, the comedy is broad and delivered in just the right amount. For example, Neil Patrick Harris’ character, Barney Stinson, is womanizing, materialistic and selfish. Even so, he is able to pull off the best physical comedy and one-liners that keep fans wanting for more.

  • Characters are well-developed

When you watch other shows, you usually see gender stereotypes that are predictable. In HIMYM, gender stereotypes are defied. The characters are not boring and one-dimensional. Each of the six young characters are very distinct from each other. As the protagonist, Ted is the opposite of Barney. He is socially awkward most of the time, sensitive, and very far from the typical macho man. He has a clear aspiration of settling down with the person he loves. Another defying trait about his character is his nerdy, but endearing interests and his charismatic and attractive look.

  • Strong bond between the Characters

For many, the TV becomes a valuable item because of shows like HIMYM. What has also set the show apart from other sitcoms is the ability to successfully portray the characters’ desire to come together even if they don’t have anything in common. Discounting the fact that they are the main characters, their distinct differences and a well-written script have made it possible for them to effectively portray that they like each other. These are just a few of the reasons ordervidgo loves HIMYM.

You should binge watch How I Met Your Mother because of its non-linear storytelling, recurring story lines and jokes.

Binge watch Family guy on Fox

Binge-Watch Family Guy

Binge Watch – Family Guy

It’s Monday. After a whole day of work at school or in the office, it’s probably a good time to reward yourself. You deserve it. Why not start the week off right by binge watching a popular television series? Why not escape into the irreverent, inappropriate and hilarious world of Family Guy.

If you haven’t watched any episodes of the show yet, the time is long overdue for you to meet the Griffins.

Why we love Family Guy

It is an animated American sitcom that presents opinions and views about family life based on numerous historical facts and accounts. Seth McFarlane is the creator and executive producer of the show, which is aired by the Fox Broadcasting Company. The center of the show is the Griffins family with Lois and Peter as parents, Chris, Meg and Stewie as the children, and Brian as their pet dog. It is set in Quahog City, Rhode Island, a fictional city. It satirizes the American culture and traditional view about family usually in the form of cutaway gags.

Family Guy has already had a total of 14 seasons covering 270 episodes. Since it was first aired on TV, it has consistently earned high ratings. It wouldn’t last that long if it has a small following. Majority of the fans are males with ages 18 to 34, which is not surprising because the title alone speaks of them. What’s amazing is that even the younger males are also hooked to the series because, in a way, it lessens their frustration that stems out from the societal imposition that everyone is expected to have a family. Because the script is brilliantly written, even females, both those who like and dislike the idea of family, are also watching every episode.

It’s obvious that the primary reason why Family Guy is one of the highly popular television series is the fact that it is able to deliver hilarious humor. It is the kind of humor that helps people to smoothly and subtly criticize existing traditional family values that are not actually helping everyone live a good life.
As it seems, Family Guy is going to be part of the American televisions for the many years to come. Check your local listings for new episodes of Family Guy on FOX

Sons of Anarchy is Binge worthy TV

Order VIDGO TV Binge-Watch Alert-Sons of Anarchy

Binge Watch—Sons of Anarchy

If you’re looking for a series with a unique storyline, that stands out from the usual crop of crime-fighter-sci-fi shows, then you should definitely check out Sons of Anarchy. Although it hasn’t gathered quite as much notoriety as shows like Breaking Bad, or even Showtime’s Dexter, It’s been noticed by critics and fans of great TV, and of course, we’ve noticed. SOA is superbly written, with great acting and directing that keeps fans glued to the screen.

This television show revolves around a Northern California motorcycle gang called SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original) and the personal life of Jackson “Jax” Teller. The gang patrols and protects the town of Charming, California, while at the same time, funding it’s chapter through illegal activities like arms dealing and drug dealing, among other illicit activities. The motorcycle gang was said to be modeled after the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, and the show even featuring some real Hells Angels members in the show.

Jax, the main character, begins to have doubts after his new son is born. He finds a letter from his father, who was one of the founders of the club. His father wanted to steer the group away from its illegal activities, however, he died before he could make his plan work.

As Vice President and later President of SAMCRO, he starts to struggle between wanting to uphold his father’s legacy and his responsibilities to the group. At the same time, he has to deal with rival gangs, the authorities, and politicians.

Beyond its action and violence, it has an underlying Hamlet-like drama of a son being haunted by his father’s ghost and legacy. He has to fight against his own loved ones as well, namely his mother and stepfather, who are also key members of the club. As Jax, in turn, struggles to protect his own children, the show deals with the underlying theme of family and the twisted relationships that sometimes exist in dysfunctional ones.

The television show has also been described as Shakespeare on Harleys. This can be seen as well through the mother and son struggle, and the tragic hero everyone knows will meet his untimely end eventually. It was also a great look into the mind of criminal masterminds who plot, manipulate and scheme in order to survive and win. In all, it is a crime show from the inside perspective of the motorcycle gang and its ever-shifting loyalties and fight for power.

In short, it may not be for the weak-hearted, but it brings viewers much more than just violence. Who knew so much drama could exist in a biker gang? Sons of Anarchy Ran for 7 seasons on FX.

Binge watch criminal minds with Vidgo TV

Great TV Alert – Criminal Minds

Binge Watch—Criminal Minds

Crime show fans have been obsessing over Criminal Minds for the past 11 seasons. For those who do not know this popular TV series yet, it is all about FBI profilers who belong to the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) in Quantico, Virginia. Their job is to profile the criminal, or unsub (unknown subject), as they call these perpetrators.

Racing against time before he/she/they strike again, they have to find out the reason behind the crime, through examining the crime scene for signatures or ways to identify them. They use behavioral patterns and analysis in order to put them behind bars. In fact, most of their crimes involve serial killings, mass murders and other similarly boggling cases that local law enforcement cannot handle on their own. Those interested in psychos have a chance to understand what goes on in their minds and why they do what they do. Seeing how these agents use this to catch them is another highlight.

At VIDGO TV, we love a great TV series, and beyond the exciting story-line and the sick criminals featured in every episode, what makes the show popular are the characters:

Penelope Garcia

The only one in this TV series who is not a profiler, she is the tech-savvy computer geek who uses her skills to track the footsteps of the unsubs. Colorful, stylish and bubbly, she flirts around with Derek with her naughty one-liners.

Jennifer (JJ) Jareau

She started as the Media Liaison Officer, dealing with the press during cases. Later on, she became a profiler as well. Do not get tricked by her blonde hair and blue eyes, she is a tough woman who can take on the criminals.

David Rossi

A veteran and pioneer of the BAU, he is a former Marine who is specialized in hostage negotiations. After retiring, he came back to the FBI for some unfinished business.

Aaron Hotchner (Hotch)

The unit chief of the BAU, he might seem tough and serious. His years in the team have touched his life personally, but he has never been anything but a sharp profiler who will not stop until he catches the unsub.

Derek Morgan

He is intelligent, buff and easily the strongest member of the team. He conducts the FBI’s self-defense training courses, but he can quickly soften up and flirt with Garcia, his “Baby Girl”.

Dr. Spencer Reid

The BAU team will not be complete without its resident nerd. He has an eidetic memory and a Ph.D. in Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, but is also adorable though socially awkward. He can find patterns where no one else can, and is a key help in catching the un-sub.

Don’t be put off by the crazy criminals featured in the show, it is very real-life and you can pick up some tips how to deal with some scary situations. Check it out and you will find out why this show has kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the years. Watch new episodes of Criminal Minds on CBS

Binge watch Friends with Vidgo TV

Binge-Watch Friends

Binge Watch – Friends

You may be familiar with a little show called Friends… It’s probable that you’ve seen all 236 episodes of one TV Guides top 50 shows of all time. Well, if you’ve seen it, we think a TV show this good deserves another watch through. But there comes a point when it does become so boring already. However, when it comes to one of our all-time favorite TV shows, we can definitely afford to watch it over and over and over and over again. While Friends is no longer actively produced, having had its final season more than 12 years ago in 2004, we never fail to go on a binge watching this comedic, larger-than-life, TV show reflection of our otherwise mundane yet colorful lives. In fact, we never fail to go on a marathon watching Rachel and Ross, Monica and Phoebe, and Joey and Chandler.

Why we love Friends

For starters, the jokes are timeless. In these troubled times, sometimes all we need is a good laugh. And you know what they say about laughter being the best medicine. It’s true. We’ve had countless of times feeling down and so tired from work and our social relationships. Then, it is Friends to the rescue.
They may be gone but the lessons in life are there. The older we get and the more we watch the episodes of Friends, even to the point of actually vocalizing their script word-by-word, the more we realize just how much they are teaching us about our daily lives. Friends is more than just comedy. It is a reflection of the average life of American yuppies. It is a reflection of who we are.
Watching Friends over and over again is like trying to study a particular generation. From the plotlines to the hairdos to the twists to the different behaviors of the lead characters. It defined the people who made up the bulk of the population that time. We may still be too young to understand this when Friends was still actively being produced. Having to watch it now makes us truly understand why they acted that way.

Perhaps the best reason why we never get bored watching Friends is because it does remind us of an old friend we had in high school that we have not been in touch with since we graduated and moved on with our lives. Every time we watch Friends, memories of that old friend of ours and the memories we once shared do start flooding back. And it does make us want to stay in touch again.

It’s been a dozen years since they last taped this TV show. Times have definitely changed. But Friends are as timeless as the memories we have of our own lives. Friends originally aired on NBC.

Binge Watch The CW's Supernatural with Vidgo TV

Supernatural is Binge Worthy Television

Binge Watch – Supernatural

With a 90% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, The CW’s hit TV show Supernatural is sure to make your next TV-marathon binge session an enjoyable one. Combine two muscular, well-chiseled, hunks and every supernatural creature you can ever imagine, from vampires to werewolves to deities and even Satan himself and his minions of demons, and, of course, angels, just to name a few and you’ve got one of the longest-running television series that has clearly generated a cult following. This is one of the many reason why it is one of the best TV shows that we all love to binge watch.

Supernatural has clearly grown from its very modest beginnings in September 2005. Eleven seasons and 241 episodes later, the Winchester brothers, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean, respectively, continue to mesmerize audience with their portrayal of the strength of family ties as a major force in the fight against evil supernatural beings.
In fact, it is this unbreakable bond between the brothers that millions of viewers and Supernatural followers can readily relate to. It is something that, despite occasional brotherly fights and disagreements, when the times do get rough one can always rely on one’s brother for support. This is what is keeping the flames of Supernatural really burning alive in the hearts of its cult followers.

If you’re expecting a little romance, a love interest for either of the two brothers in the film, you’d be surprised that there is none. Well, except for the occasional fling or two but nothing that really lasts. And this is perhaps another message that the show is telling its viewers. With almost everyone trying to get on the divorce line, marriage and intimate relationships are simply not meant to last.

But not brotherly love. Season after season, the Winchester brothers have weathered all the storms. They fought with the yellow-eyed demon trying to avenge their mother. They came across countless enemies along the way in situations where, had it been your girlfriend or even wife, would have already abandoned you to face all of these trials by yourself.
That’s not going to happen between Dean and Sam.

This is the message of this television series we all love to binge watch. Friends may abandon you in time of need (well, maybe some will really stick it out with you). Your wife may file a divorce after learning you’re out hunting Lucifer himself. Your girlfriend will dump you when she learns you’ve got angels on your side. But your brother will never abandon you. Even if it means going to Hell and back, a brother will always be there for you.

binge watch the TV show Lost 2016

Order VIDGO Recommended Binge-Watch – LOST

Binge Watch – Lost

Having won many awards including the Emmys, the Screen Actors Guild, the British Academy Television Awards, and the Golden Globe, one of the most critically acclaimed TV drama series and one of our favorite drama series to binge watch, is Lost.

Originally airing on ABC, Lost captured the imaginations of viewers and critics alike. Bill Carter, television reporter of The New York Times, defined Lost as “the show with perhaps the most compelling continuing story line in television history.” Viewers agreed as the show dominated its time slot during its 6 seasons. But why do we love Lost so much even though it’s been off the air for more than 6 years?

For starters, no other television show was able to define the different characters of such a large cast in ways never before imaginable. Sure, other shows have given viewers an in-depth understanding of their lead characters but few come close to matching Lost’s depth and breadth. The creative use of time allows viewers to gain an understanding of who the characters are. Lost conveys to many that the character of a person is defined by what they have done, what they do, and what they will do. Each of the characters reflect realities of life that many certainly can and do relate to that. This strong appeal to the nature of man has allowed many viewers to form deep connections with the characters.

Lost also puts forth a very interesting interpretation of the interconnected nature of human culture. Lost’s characters are exposed to history, arts, literature, games, philosophy, religion, and science. The drama series is trying to tell us a fact we cannot deny: that everything and everyone is interconnected. Something or someone has an impact on something or someone else. The characters and the viewer are challenged to reexamine their own prejudices and what their implications mean to themselves and others.

What really keeps us glued to our seats whenever we watch Lost is the perpetual sense of mystery. Just like life itself, sometimes you think you know only to find out you don’t. Lost and life are a giant puzzle. Lost is a TV series that will definitely have you coming back for more.

Binge watch Breaking Bad with VIDGO TV

Order VIDGO TV Recommends Breaking Bad

Binge Watch This – Breaking Bad

In today’s society, people like everything in an instant. The way we also watch television has been changed by this attitude and it’s called binge watching. Basically, binge watching refers to the habit or the act of watching a certain television show or series non-stop. More often than not, many consumers and viewers aim to start and finish the whole season or franchise in a span of hours to a few days.

Thanks to streaming TV providers such as VIDGO TV, HULU and NETFLIX  and a just a few dollars, we can experience hours of uninterrupted TV, movies, and videos. Because of this, it’s easy to become lost in a TV show for hours. Before you know it, you’re on the last episode of your new favorite show, and you’ve somehow managed to lose an entire weekend to warm embrace of your television screen. We’ve all been there.

If you’ve got a free weekend, or a few, and you still haven’t seen the AMC TV series Breaking Bad, then we think it’s time for a good, old fashioned binge-watch session.

Breaking Bad tells the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher battling lung cancer while managing his families financial crises. With the end in sight, he realizes that the only way to keep his family secure after his death is to produce and sell illegal drugs.Throughout the shows five seasons, viewers follow Walter and his involvement in the illegal trade.

After its debut on January 20, 2008, viewers and critics were instantly hooked. Plot-lines delved deeper into the brilliant, yet dark path of the protagonist. Both fans and critics appreciated how authentic and real-to-life the story and the storytelling is. Walter White’s complex character development and brilliant portrayal by Bryan Cranston, resonated with ordinary people and law-abiding citizens. The shows complex morality, engaging storytelling and great characters make Breaking Bad one of the best TV shows to Binge Watch ever. Plus, we can’t help but applaud how the show was constructed and produced seamlessly – from the cast, to the setting and production, to the script, and even the episode titles. The story, perfectly-knit, can make us laugh, love, and hate the characters and their circumstances.

Breaking Bad is a must-watch television show. It’s been awarded two Golden Globe Awards, four Television Critics Association Awards, and sixteen prime-time Emmy Awards. Clearly, this won’t be a waste of time, and at 69 hours, that’s incredibly impressive, to say the least.

Binge watch Arrow on the CW - VIDGO TV recommended

Binge Watch This! Arrow

VIDGO TV Recomends: Arrow

One more week and the most watched American action TV series, Arrow, is going to make you swoon all over again.

What is it about Arrow that has fans so engaged? How has this captured the hearts of many viewers? Let’s get to know some of the reasons why Arrow is so well-liked.

  1. A very Human Superhero

Great TV shows almost universally feature highly relatable characters, and Arrow is no different. Superheroes can often come across as ridiculous and silly, but the Arrow writers have been able to depict Oliver Queen as a human being with heavier-than-elephant emotional baggage. People love the tortured superhero concept.

  1. Great TV Love Story

What is a superhero TV series without a bit of romance? Sparks fly between Oliver and Felicity, which goes a long way in making other people fall in love with them. People love this stuff. What starts as a friendship becomes more intense as the series progresses, and in the process, both Oliver and Felicity have brought out the best in each other.

  1. Super Friends

A superhero is only as good as his team. Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle have seen the worst and the best of times. The way Oliver evolved was largely due to the friendship and support given by Felicity and Diggle, especially after his return from Lian Yu in the first season.

Now that Team Arrow has expanded to include Laurel and Thea, the viewers are certainly getting the adrenaline rush for what is yet to come.

  1. Unpredictability

Arrow is based on a comic book, but even comic fans are in for surprises. It was never the intention of the show to copy the source material, which has worked out pretty well for the series so far. Sure the key characters are still here: Oliver Queen, Deathstroke, Black Canary, and other DC villains, but there are twists that will catch even the most loyal fans of guard.

  1. Bad-ass Stunts

Arrow could easily come off as a typical low budget show, but it somehow manages to deliver. Week after week, the stunts team, headed by James Bamford, surprises viewers with several sensational stunts. It’s pretty great to see men and women kicking so much butt.

  1. Strong female characters

Another element that keeps the show interesting is the inclusion of strong female characters. We’re aren’t just talking about sexy characters, although that’s also the case. The show features women with quick minds and emotional strength and serious fighting skills.

Arrow is one of the most popular TV shows on air, and it’s easy to understand why so many people stream Arrow and why it’s VIDGO TV recommend you binge-watch it. Arrow currently airs on The CW and is entering its 5th season in October of 2016.

The VIDGO TV team loves to binge watch The Walking Dead

Binge Watch This! The Walking Dead

Bing Watch The Walking Dead

If you’re looking for an antidote to life’s stresses and boredom, why not binge watch an entire TV series over the course of a weekend? We’re not here to judge. Watching TV is our favorite way to let loose. Sure, we could do yoga, but we’re not really built for some of those poses. All we need is a bag of chips in one hand, and the remote control in the other and we’ll be on our way to a state blissed-out, television nirvana.

The Walking Dead is one of our favorite shows to binge watch, and we’re not alone. The Season 5 premier gathered an astounding 17.3 million viewers from all over the world. That record breaking number is no match for shows like “NCIS” or even “The Big Bang Theory”.

The Walking Dead is TV at it's best

Fair Use,

Why it’s Great TV

What’s Walking Dead’s secret to popularity? It can’t be just the zombies, right? Here’s what we love about this hit TV series.

  1. A work in progress. The Walking Dead evolves, and that’s what makes it more interesting than your average TV drama. Viewers are glued to their screens. TWD writers have been experimenting with story-lines, surprising thrills and intense drama to the show. Fans of the comic series may have had some issues with the first few seasons creative direction, but no can argue that the show is brimming with shocks and twists.
  2. It is more than just zombies. Metaphorically, zombies could be anything that steals away our humanity. It can be politics, religious fanaticism, or it can be terrorism– anything that befits your parameters. TWD will have you wondering if Zombies are really the scariest thing in the show.
  3. The Amazing Cast. Each character has a convincing background story, with enough mystery that you just can’t wait to see them in the next episode. There’s Carol, the typical timid wife who later turned into an indomitable woman who fearlessly took cover amongst a pack of zombies just to save her friends. And there’s always the very real possibility that one of your favorite characters won’t make it to the end of the episode, let alone the season. There’s a lot we like about this TV show, but we especially like its unpredictability.
  4. It’s fast, riveting and loose. These dynamics certainly make for a great binge watching experience. Maybe it helps that it was based on a comics which already has a strong fanbase to start with. But just because it is based on a popular source material doesn’t mean its ending is already predictable. The plot diverged from the comics almost immediately. The Walking Dead certainly keeps you stimulated, both in the nerves and in the mind.
  5. Zombies in your neighborhood. Of course zombies are fictional, but the show has a way of making the viewers believe that this is a universe, very much like our own; zombies could actually exist, at the very least, the show runners have made a pretty compelling case for what might occur in a zombie apocalypse. Unlike the Game of Thrones’ highly mythical concept of dragons, white-walkers and three-eyed raven this show seems to reflect more real human nature.

We think you should binge watch The Walking Dead. It might send shivers through your spine, but it’s charged with emotion and mystery. We’re sure you’ll be pining for the next episode by the firsts finish. So queue up The Walking Dead and get ready for a thrilling TV experience, you might just want to leave the lights on.

Check out TV listings for new episodes of The Walking Dead airing on AMC