Binge watch Family guy on Fox

Binge-Watch Family Guy

Binge Watch – Family Guy

It’s Monday. After a whole day of work at school or in the office, it’s probably a good time to reward yourself. You deserve it. Why not start the week off right by binge watching a popular television series? Why not escape into the irreverent, inappropriate and hilarious world of Family Guy.

If you haven’t watched any episodes of the show yet, the time is long overdue for you to meet the Griffins.

Why we love Family Guy

It is an animated American sitcom that presents opinions and views about family life based on numerous historical facts and accounts. Seth McFarlane is the creator and executive producer of the show, which is aired by the Fox Broadcasting Company. The center of the show is the Griffins family with Lois and Peter as parents, Chris, Meg and Stewie as the children, and Brian as their pet dog. It is set in Quahog City, Rhode Island, a fictional city. It satirizes the American culture and traditional view about family usually in the form of cutaway gags.

Family Guy has already had a total of 14 seasons covering 270 episodes. Since it was first aired on TV, it has consistently earned high ratings. It wouldn’t last that long if it has a small following. Majority of the fans are males with ages 18 to 34, which is not surprising because the title alone speaks of them. What’s amazing is that even the younger males are also hooked to the series because, in a way, it lessens their frustration that stems out from the societal imposition that everyone is expected to have a family. Because the script is brilliantly written, even females, both those who like and dislike the idea of family, are also watching every episode.

It’s obvious that the primary reason why Family Guy is one of the highly popular television series is the fact that it is able to deliver hilarious humor. It is the kind of humor that helps people to smoothly and subtly criticize existing traditional family values that are not actually helping everyone live a good life.
As it seems, Family Guy is going to be part of the American televisions for the many years to come. Check your local listings for new episodes of Family Guy on FOX