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Supernatural is Binge Worthy Television

Binge Watch – Supernatural

With a 90% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, The CW’s hit TV show Supernatural is sure to make your next TV-marathon binge session an enjoyable one. Combine two muscular, well-chiseled, hunks and every supernatural creature you can ever imagine, from vampires to werewolves to deities and even Satan himself and his minions of demons, and, of course, angels, just to name a few and you’ve got one of the longest-running television series that has clearly generated a cult following. This is one of the many reason why it is one of the best TV shows that we all love to binge watch.

Supernatural has clearly grown from its very modest beginnings in September 2005. Eleven seasons and 241 episodes later, the Winchester brothers, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean, respectively, continue to mesmerize audience with their portrayal of the strength of family ties as a major force in the fight against evil supernatural beings.
In fact, it is this unbreakable bond between the brothers that millions of viewers and Supernatural followers can readily relate to. It is something that, despite occasional brotherly fights and disagreements, when the times do get rough one can always rely on one’s brother for support. This is what is keeping the flames of Supernatural really burning alive in the hearts of its cult followers.

If you’re expecting a little romance, a love interest for either of the two brothers in the film, you’d be surprised that there is none. Well, except for the occasional fling or two but nothing that really lasts. And this is perhaps another message that the show is telling its viewers. With almost everyone trying to get on the divorce line, marriage and intimate relationships are simply not meant to last.

But not brotherly love. Season after season, the Winchester brothers have weathered all the storms. They fought with the yellow-eyed demon trying to avenge their mother. They came across countless enemies along the way in situations where, had it been your girlfriend or even wife, would have already abandoned you to face all of these trials by yourself.
That’s not going to happen between Dean and Sam.

This is the message of this television series we all love to binge watch. Friends may abandon you in time of need (well, maybe some will really stick it out with you). Your wife may file a divorce after learning you’re out hunting Lucifer himself. Your girlfriend will dump you when she learns you’ve got angels on your side. But your brother will never abandon you. Even if it means going to Hell and back, a brother will always be there for you.