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Binge Watch This – Breaking Bad

In today’s society, people like everything in an instant. The way we also watch television has been changed by this attitude and it’s called binge watching. Basically, binge watching refers to the habit or the act of watching a certain television show or series non-stop. More often than not, many consumers and viewers aim to start and finish the whole season or franchise in a span of hours to a few days.

Thanks to streaming TV providers such as VIDGO TV, HULU and NETFLIX  and a just a few dollars, we can experience hours of uninterrupted TV, movies, and videos. Because of this, it’s easy to become lost in a TV show for hours. Before you know it, you’re on the last episode of your new favorite show, and you’ve somehow managed to lose an entire weekend to warm embrace of your television screen. We’ve all been there.

If you’ve got a free weekend, or a few, and you still haven’t seen the AMC TV series Breaking Bad, then we think it’s time for a good, old fashioned binge-watch session.

Breaking Bad tells the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher battling lung cancer while managing his families financial crises. With the end in sight, he realizes that the only way to keep his family secure after his death is to produce and sell illegal drugs.Throughout the shows five seasons, viewers follow Walter and his involvement in the illegal trade.

After its debut on January 20, 2008, viewers and critics were instantly hooked. Plot-lines delved deeper into the brilliant, yet dark path of the protagonist. Both fans and critics appreciated how authentic and real-to-life the story and the storytelling is. Walter White’s complex character development and brilliant portrayal by Bryan Cranston, resonated with ordinary people and law-abiding citizens. The shows complex morality, engaging storytelling and great characters make Breaking Bad one of the best TV shows to Binge Watch ever. Plus, we can’t help but applaud how the show was constructed and produced seamlessly – from the cast, to the setting and production, to the script, and even the episode titles. The story, perfectly-knit, can make us laugh, love, and hate the characters and their circumstances.

Breaking Bad is a must-watch television show. It’s been awarded two Golden Globe Awards, four Television Critics Association Awards, and sixteen prime-time Emmy Awards. Clearly, this won’t be a waste of time, and at 69 hours, that’s incredibly impressive, to say the least.

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Binge Watch This! The Walking Dead

Bing Watch The Walking Dead

If you’re looking for an antidote to life’s stresses and boredom, why not binge watch an entire TV series over the course of a weekend? We’re not here to judge. Watching TV is our favorite way to let loose. Sure, we could do yoga, but we’re not really built for some of those poses. All we need is a bag of chips in one hand, and the remote control in the other and we’ll be on our way to a state blissed-out, television nirvana.

The Walking Dead is one of our favorite shows to binge watch, and we’re not alone. The Season 5 premier gathered an astounding 17.3 million viewers from all over the world. That record breaking number is no match for shows like “NCIS” or even “The Big Bang Theory”.

The Walking Dead is TV at it's best

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Why it’s Great TV

What’s Walking Dead’s secret to popularity? It can’t be just the zombies, right? Here’s what we love about this hit TV series.

  1. A work in progress. The Walking Dead evolves, and that’s what makes it more interesting than your average TV drama. Viewers are glued to their screens. TWD writers have been experimenting with story-lines, surprising thrills and intense drama to the show. Fans of the comic series may have had some issues with the first few seasons creative direction, but no can argue that the show is brimming with shocks and twists.
  2. It is more than just zombies. Metaphorically, zombies could be anything that steals away our humanity. It can be politics, religious fanaticism, or it can be terrorism– anything that befits your parameters. TWD will have you wondering if Zombies are really the scariest thing in the show.
  3. The Amazing Cast. Each character has a convincing background story, with enough mystery that you just can’t wait to see them in the next episode. There’s Carol, the typical timid wife who later turned into an indomitable woman who fearlessly took cover amongst a pack of zombies just to save her friends. And there’s always the very real possibility that one of your favorite characters won’t make it to the end of the episode, let alone the season. There’s a lot we like about this TV show, but we especially like its unpredictability.
  4. It’s fast, riveting and loose. These dynamics certainly make for a great binge watching experience. Maybe it helps that it was based on a comics which already has a strong fanbase to start with. But just because it is based on a popular source material doesn’t mean its ending is already predictable. The plot diverged from the comics almost immediately. The Walking Dead certainly keeps you stimulated, both in the nerves and in the mind.
  5. Zombies in your neighborhood. Of course zombies are fictional, but the show has a way of making the viewers believe that this is a universe, very much like our own; zombies could actually exist, at the very least, the show runners have made a pretty compelling case for what might occur in a zombie apocalypse. Unlike the Game of Thrones’ highly mythical concept of dragons, white-walkers and three-eyed raven this show seems to reflect more real human nature.

We think you should binge watch The Walking Dead. It might send shivers through your spine, but it’s charged with emotion and mystery. We’re sure you’ll be pining for the next episode by the firsts finish. So queue up The Walking Dead and get ready for a thrilling TV experience, you might just want to leave the lights on.

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