Vidgo top 10 shows to binge watch: HIMYM

How I met Your Mother is Great TV

Binge Watch – How I Met Your Mother

The weekend is a great time to turn on the TV and watch your favorite shows. If you haven’t watched it yet, you may want to consider How I Met Your Mother. It’s an American sitcom that was first aired in September 19, 2005 on CBS. The main character, Ted Mosby, recounts to his son and daughter the events that led him to meet their mother.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are the top reasons why the people are hooked on the show and why you should start to binge watch it during weekends:

  • Right amount of comedy

Many sitcoms are popular because of the hilarious humor they are able to deliver. However, there are those that also receive a lot of criticism because the kind of humor being presented goes against family values. With How I Met Your Mother, the comedy is broad and delivered in just the right amount. For example, Neil Patrick Harris’ character, Barney Stinson, is womanizing, materialistic and selfish. Even so, he is able to pull off the best physical comedy and one-liners that keep fans wanting for more.

  • Characters are well-developed

When you watch other shows, you usually see gender stereotypes that are predictable. In HIMYM, gender stereotypes are defied. The characters are not boring and one-dimensional. Each of the six young characters are very distinct from each other. As the protagonist, Ted is the opposite of Barney. He is socially awkward most of the time, sensitive, and very far from the typical macho man. He has a clear aspiration of settling down with the person he loves. Another defying trait about his character is his nerdy, but endearing interests and his charismatic and attractive look.

  • Strong bond between the Characters

For many, the TV becomes a valuable item because of shows like HIMYM. What has also set the show apart from other sitcoms is the ability to successfully portray the characters’ desire to come together even if they don’t have anything in common. Discounting the fact that they are the main characters, their distinct differences and a well-written script have made it possible for them to effectively portray that they like each other. These are just a few of the reasons ordervidgo loves HIMYM.

You should binge watch How I Met Your Mother because of its non-linear storytelling, recurring story lines and jokes.

Binge watch criminal minds with Vidgo TV

Great TV Alert – Criminal Minds

Binge Watch—Criminal Minds

Crime show fans have been obsessing over Criminal Minds for the past 11 seasons. For those who do not know this popular TV series yet, it is all about FBI profilers who belong to the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) in Quantico, Virginia. Their job is to profile the criminal, or unsub (unknown subject), as they call these perpetrators.

Racing against time before he/she/they strike again, they have to find out the reason behind the crime, through examining the crime scene for signatures or ways to identify them. They use behavioral patterns and analysis in order to put them behind bars. In fact, most of their crimes involve serial killings, mass murders and other similarly boggling cases that local law enforcement cannot handle on their own. Those interested in psychos have a chance to understand what goes on in their minds and why they do what they do. Seeing how these agents use this to catch them is another highlight.

At VIDGO TV, we love a great TV series, and beyond the exciting story-line and the sick criminals featured in every episode, what makes the show popular are the characters:

Penelope Garcia

The only one in this TV series who is not a profiler, she is the tech-savvy computer geek who uses her skills to track the footsteps of the unsubs. Colorful, stylish and bubbly, she flirts around with Derek with her naughty one-liners.

Jennifer (JJ) Jareau

She started as the Media Liaison Officer, dealing with the press during cases. Later on, she became a profiler as well. Do not get tricked by her blonde hair and blue eyes, she is a tough woman who can take on the criminals.

David Rossi

A veteran and pioneer of the BAU, he is a former Marine who is specialized in hostage negotiations. After retiring, he came back to the FBI for some unfinished business.

Aaron Hotchner (Hotch)

The unit chief of the BAU, he might seem tough and serious. His years in the team have touched his life personally, but he has never been anything but a sharp profiler who will not stop until he catches the unsub.

Derek Morgan

He is intelligent, buff and easily the strongest member of the team. He conducts the FBI’s self-defense training courses, but he can quickly soften up and flirt with Garcia, his “Baby Girl”.

Dr. Spencer Reid

The BAU team will not be complete without its resident nerd. He has an eidetic memory and a Ph.D. in Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, but is also adorable though socially awkward. He can find patterns where no one else can, and is a key help in catching the un-sub.

Don’t be put off by the crazy criminals featured in the show, it is very real-life and you can pick up some tips how to deal with some scary situations. Check it out and you will find out why this show has kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the years. Watch new episodes of Criminal Minds on CBS