VIDGO TV Service, the future of TV

Television of the Future

What will Television look like in the future?

The time is fast approaching where your streaming TV service will predict exactly what you want to watch. Online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu are already playing with modeling, that will significantly cut down on the time wasted browsing through channel lists. We are witnessing television go through a major change, and we think that means a much better viewing experience for everyone.

VIDGO TV Service, the future of TV

The Future of TV – 2016 and beyond

The Revolution Will Be Televised Through Online Streaming Services

So far, Netflix has been largely responsible for the push towards predictive TV. Neil Hunt, Netflix’s CPO, has been pushing his company to look beyond the traditional TV models, and it’s largely paying off. Moreover, no one would be surprised of Hunt’s predictions were to suddenly to become reality. There is no arguing that Netflix has been largely responsible for changing the way the we watch television, including their usually less discussed origins as a direct-by-mail DVD service.
So what does Neil Hunt think the upcoming revolution will look like? How do companies like Vidgo, Sony, Amazon and Yahoo fit in to the changing landscape of entertainment? Let’s have a look…

Death of the Commercial

We’ve already been given a glimpse into a future without commercial interruption. Service like Netflix and Hulu’s premium service, offer up rich programming options with no commercial breaks. Subscription TV services have proven to be successful, which definitely impacts the traditional model, which relies entirely on the ad revenue generated by television commercials. There is no doubt that this will have an impact on the advertising industry.
Of course this doesn’t mean that we won’t be advertised to. We will likely be targeted very specifically, and arguably better. Advertisers have already done a good job adapting to new media, and it’s likely to continue to get better with time.

More Channels… Way more

Is it possible that we’ll have access to a channel that’s perfectly suited to what we want to watch, no matter what time of day or night? Channels that just get us? Well, it may be possible. Hunt envisions a future where the personalized TV programming is so on the mark, that you’ll be able to watch what you want to watch 100% of the time. In a way it’s like having millions of TV networks available, but just the right one for you.
This is certainly a technology barely in its infancy. While we don’t expect to see anything quite as advanced integrated into our viewing services anytime soon, it remains an optimistic goal.

Live Sports Will Finally Arrive

VIDGO will be launching in 2016 with live sports as part of its streaming package. This includes local sports and channels like ESPN and NFL Network, all of which have been a hurdle for online streaming service due to complex licensing and regional advertising agreements. For many would be Cord Cutters, sports programming has been the missing piece.

The Future of TV

While we can’t possibly predict the future of television, we’ve certainly been given some pretty good indicators. It’s become clear that things are changing, and people are adopting the new technology in favor of traditional cable subscriptions. We’re moving towards a time when every television is a Smart TV and there is always something on that we actually want to watch.